Jill Saves Joe From An Embarrassing Question Involving Infants

President Joe Biden, needs to avoid talking to the press because answering questions with intelligence and accuracy is not something he can do very well and he gets mad over simple questions when you least expect it.

Joe Biden is often given instructions about when he can and can’t speak to the press, but every once in awhile a handler has to take control and guide him away. In a recent press interview, it was Pres. Biden’s wife Jill that was the one who led him away.

In a recent video, Joe Biden is being questioned by the press when a reporter suddenly confronts him about the way his Catholic beliefs squares with his pro-abortion stances.

“As a Catholic, why do you support abortion, which defy’s church teachings?” the reporter asks.

Jill Biden, who was in the background waiting, suddenly walks up to Joe and tries to guide him away as he starts to stumble for an answer to the question.

“I do not want a debate on theology with you, but you know, well anyway, I’m not going to judge other people,” Biden said.

“But you are Catholic,” the reporter repeated.

Biden let other reporters drown him out instead of answering the question.

Joe Biden takes his Catholicism as being very important but like a lot of Catholic Dems,  he just dismisses and ignores the church’s stance on abortion being murder. As Fox News noted, the Pope had declared it as being murder himself, yet Pres. Biden was not challenged by the Pope about his abortion stance.

Even though, Jill Biden was not successful in getting her husband away, Biden’s practice at escaping having to answer this question, helped him dodge the question once again.

If actions are louder than words, then it is plain to see that Joe Biden’s Catholicism is just a way to make religious voters think that it is a safer option to vote for him. His attachments to the words of Christ are tenuous at best, and he almost never gives religious voters anything to agree on with any substance.

Interestingly, it would seam that there are some questions Joe Biden’s handlers have been told not to allow him to answer. It seems that questions about his Catholic beliefs are some of them.

Author: Scott Dowdy