Jill Biden Desperately Struggles To Be Like Melania Trump

First Lady Jill Biden gave a new crazy interview at the end of her initial year in the White House.

She detailed the hard tasks demanded by her so-called role of “healing” the country while at the same time handing out what she said was love and understanding to the people hit by tragedy.

The community college teacher said to the AP she found herself taking on the role of universal caring that “I did not expect it, a healing role, because we have faced so much as a country.”

Biden was interviewed on Jan. 8 on the sundeck close to a swimming pool in Las Vegas a day after she and Joe Biden comforted the families in Colorado, where a huge group of homes burned down in a late Dec. wildfire, as reported by to the AP.

Biden, who is 70, hugged people “as they stood before the charred remains of their personal lives and later gave public condolences for family pets killed in the fire,” the report said.

Her visits to Colorado and to visit the victims of a deadly parade in Wisconsin, and a visit to tornado-ravaged places in Kentucky are “prime examples” of this responsibility she feels, she stated. It’s what she wants as a normal person who survived through a natural disaster or other tragedies.

“I would want to see that the president and the first lady cared about what was happening,” Jill said.

“I think that is a crucial part of what we do. I mean, just aiding those people through the hard times.”

She said the White House “is a magical place.” When Jill wakes up in the morning, she thinks, “Wow, look at this place.” But also feels there is a lot to be done and, because of that, she cannot “get my coffee and sit in the bed and watch the news.”

“I have always said that if I were ever award this job I would not waste it. Not one day,” the first lady said to AP. “That is why when I wake up I think, ’What can I do now? … What am I doing? Where am I going? What is the strategy? What is the plan?’”

Author: Blake Ambrose