Jeb Bush Has a Hilarious New Reason To Keep America’s Borders Open

In a tweet on Tuesday, open borders supporter and White Guilt Sufferer Jeb Bush has said that Trump’s “exclusionary immigration” policies kept down America’s medal total at the Tokyo Olympics.

The former Florida Gov.’s August 3 tweet shows that he somehow believes Trump’s immigration rules have prevented U.S. athletes from capturing more wins.

“I wonder how our medals would be if America had an exclusionary immigration process like the one we’ve had for the past few years. My heart swells for every medalist, including those with families who have come from far away lands to love our nation,” Bush wrote.

The claim that we have less gold medals and something isn’t right does make some sense. But immigration is not connected to America’s spot as an olympics leader. It is our own personal freedom that has led to there being a difference, not our immigration policies. Firstly, our values are winning. But more importantly, America’s freedoms allow people who do well at something to give their entire life to reaching a personal goal without the government getting in their way.

However, revealing how stupid Jeb’s point is, the Chinese medal count is just inches away from America’s at the moment, and that nation has little by way of open borders immigration. If our “immigration policies” were the place where sports excellence comes from, China would not be only a few medals away from America’s total and they most certainly would not be beating us in gold; it would be many medals shy of that number. In fact, the country of Japan, which also does not have any immigration, is right now in third place.

It seems like Jeb could be referring to the anti-white notion that white people are inferior. He has mentioned before, during the 2016 Republican primary, that America needs open borders because white people have less children and other people have more children. The truth is, of course, that the cost of living in America is too high for many people to be able to afford large families. This is a fact that is ignored by Republicans as they demand more immigration to “fix the problem.”

Author: Steven Sinclaire