Jan 6th Narrative Gets Blown Out Of The Water With This Discovery

It has now been admitted that the man who got arrested for having a gun at Saturday’s Justice For Jan 6 rally in D.C. was a real federal police officer and he will not come under charges for his offenses.

That media confirms the suspicions of many people online who noticed that during the event with insanely militarized officers that the man was not a protester, a detail that was clear when a journalist’s video of the event showed that he had a badge during the arrest.

According to a new report by the AP, the person, “a 27-year-old NJ man is an officer with Border Protection,” and he will not get prosecuted.

AP cites two anonymous “police officials” who said that “the officer was there at the rally in any official form,” and that the insider “would not discuss the matter publicly and talked to the AP on the condition of staying anonymous.”

When it comes to the media buildup, the #JusticeForJan6 event did not live up to the fake hype about another DC “insurrection” that caused protective fencing to go up around the Capitol building and the turnout of Pelosi’s finest sporting their latest full-body armor, leaving pundits with egg on their faces when few real protestors showed up.

Despite the dramatic moves to fight off the anticipated army of “insurrectionists” there were only a few of arrests, most notably the unknown federal agent from NJ.

The confirmation that the man was really a federal agent was met with a predictable reaction through Twitter.

Pulitzer Prize-winning reporter Glenn Greenwald said “The FBI is the creator of the ‘far-right extremists’ used to justify more surveillance, federal police budgets, and Congressional narratives.”

“Remember the ‘kidnap Governor Whitmer plot.’ If they need a villain, the FBI creates one,” he said, referring to the agency’s use of paid undercover agents and informants to advance the alleged scheme to kidnap the Democrat governor.

In a followup tweet, Greenwald said, “Was there anyone at the scary MAGA rally who was not a federal agent or a reporter? Like around 11 people?” A possible reference to the weekend’s funniest photo from the event, one that has been a gold mine for meme creators.

Others on Twitter also chimed in.

Author: Steven Sinclaire