It’s Official: Biden Is The Worst President In U.S. History

President Biden has used 107 of his first 275 days in the White House in Camp David or in Delaware, according to a CNN report about his public schedule.

Overall, Biden has supposedly had 35 trips at least, where he worked “remotely.” The President owns two houses in Delaware, one being a beach house that he spends most of his time away at, 69 days total as reported by CNN on October 23rd.

Most of his weekends as president have been spent away from Washington DC. His time away includes partial days. President Biden will many times leave after “a regular workday on a Friday or return to D.C. before the beginning of a workday on a Monday.”

President Biden has been away from Washington more than any of his predecessors in recent history.

At 275 days into his term, Trump spent around 70 days away from the White House, just more than 25 percent of days. While Obama took around 40 days away, and Bush was away for 84 days.

In May, Joe Biden’s view of the White House was said to be “a Monday to Friday sort of place.”

Biden’s media secretary Jen Psaki defended his frequent Delaware visits during a press meeting in August. “People like going home, right? Well, so does the President. He is human too,” she said angrily at an AP reporter.

The president spent last weekend in his home state of Deleware, but this weekend he went to Europe for the United Nations Climate Change Conference.

This comes at a time when Americans are suffering from a range of problems, many of which Biden helped to happen himself. One being out of control inflation and financial turmoil that has been exacerbated by Democrats over-the-top spending programs which they have only doubled down on and expanded.

Biden is proving time and time again that he cares more about going to globalist meetings than he does about helping normal Americans overcome their problems with real leadership. And with 2022 rolling around at breakneck speed, he and the Democrats are setting themselves up for a very rude awakening.

Author: Scott Dowdy