It Starts: Top Biden Official Fleeing for New Job

Over the last year, more than 12 top-ranking officials have fled “Vice President” Kamala Harris’s office. It’s no secret why. Reports revealed that Harris is a “toxic” “bully” of a leader who berates and mistreats her workers. That makes sense, considering everyone who left took a much lower job in government (others just up and quit).

But it looks like Harris isn’t the only person driving people away from the administration. We know that Jen Psaki, the White House press secretary, exploiting her coveted position to get a job with MSNBC. Now, another top official is fleeing the White House for another job. But this time, it might be an “all hands on the deck” sort of thing.

A top aide to President Joe Biden, Cedric Richmond, will resign from his post early next month in favor of a new role at the Democratic National Committee, NBC News confirmed via White House official.

Richmond, a former congressman from New Orleans, currently serves as the director of the Office of Public Engagement. He was a co-chairman of Biden’s 2020 campaign and will be the highest-ranking Biden aide to depart his post since the president assumed office.

At the DNC, Richmond will take on the role of senior adviser and travel across the country to help raise resources for the operation ahead of the November midterm. [Source: Just the News]

Yet another top official is fleeing the Biden White House. This time, it’s former congressman Cedric Richmond. He won’t be taking another job in government but will be joining the Democrat National Committee, just in time for the midterms.

Apparently, this isn’t a case where Richmond is fleeing the hills. That might be part of it. But what seems to have driven his move is the fact Democrats are poised to lose terribly in November. Polling and evidence point to drastic losses both in Congress and at the state level. Americans are ready to send Democrats a message after two years of lockdowns, mandates, and inflation.

Richmond seems to be rushing to the DNC’s aid, as they flounder for solutions. Previously, Democrats believed they were losing simply because of a lack of messaging. They apparently assumed that if they could spin high gas prices, taxes, inflation, and crime just the right way, Americans would flock to the polls.

I guess that didn’t work.

But can Richmond do anything to stave the bleeding? It’s not likely. Americans are disgusted by Joe Biden’s failed administration. He promised to “build back better.” Instead, most Americans believe we are far worse off than we were a few years ago. All because of Biden’s radical policies and lack of leadership.

The fact that Democrats think a member of that team can save their chances is hilarious. It’s largely Biden’s fault that they will lose. So, why bring on someone who helped them get into this mess in the first place?

Seriously, the Easter Bunny would have been a better option.

Author: Moe Stone