Is This Top Democrat About To Flip Red? Rumors Spread Like Wildfire

It’s no secret that the Democratic Party at large is becoming less and less compatible with most Americans. Outside of fringe radicals in coastal cities (and voters who are bound by identity politics), most Americans don’t even recognize the party of JFK. Toxic socialism has become the agenda. And those Democrats who want to hold onto American traditions and values are being left in the dust.

Particularly frustrated are moderate Democrats in the House and Senate. They know if they embrace Biden’s far-left agenda, they won’t have a job for long. Sen. Joe Manchin has been a strong opponent of Biden’s socialist agenda. His vote is holding up a massive spending bill—causing massive friction between himself and his colleagues.

It’s gotten so bad, that rumors grow he has threatened to leave the party. Manchin himself tried to put out those fires.

Sen. Joe Manchin of West Virginia denied reports Wednesday that he was threatening to leave the Democratic Party over internal negotiations regarding President Joe Biden’s massive spending bill.

“It’s bullshit,” Manchin said when asked by a reporter about the report from Mother Jones.

“I have no control over rumors, you guys. No control over rumors.”

At one point Manchin appeared close to losing his temper after being asked again by a different reporter if he was thinking of leaving his party. [Source: Just the News]

Manchin is not one to use profanity, unless pretty ticked off. So, his frequently use of bulls*** to slam these rumors should tell us just how outraged he is over it. The rumors started with a Mother Jones article (you know, the source of all reliable news and journalism), that he would not only leave the party, but resign from his Senate leadership positions.

That should have been a sign to anyone that these rumors were bunk. Manchin might want to exit a failing political party, but why would he willingly put himself into a position where he has less influence in the Senate?

He might have been removed from his post after he left the Democrats, but not before.

And if he were to leave the party, why would he become an Independent? That would give him less say and less power in the Senate.

Chances are, if Manchin was going to jump ship, he’d join the Republicans. His state is mostly red, going for Trump in the last two elections. It would secure for him a strong position in the Senate as well. If he became a Republican, the party would immediately have a (real) majority. That would give Republicans a chance to reshape committees, making sure Manchin would end up in a new leadership position.

This rumor, like many rumors we’ve seen that target opponents of the far-left, appears to be a strategic deception. Similar to rumors that Mike Pence had been opposing Trump while in office, this rumor is designed to create confusion and disrupt an already sensitive negotiation process.

Which shows you just how deceptive and untrustworthy the media has become.

Author: Sam Anderson