Investigators Close In On Truth About Rigged Election

Michigan officials are being forced to give records of all communications with tech companies like Facebook and Google with regards to the November elections that were plagued with fraud accusations.

Judge Kevin A. Elsenheimer of the Antrim County Circuit is demanding officials hand over all communications with Amazon, Google, Apple and Facebook related to the elections. 

Elsenheimer is also forcing Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson to produce records of communications with the Dominion Voting System company and Election Source, the organizations behind the digital voting systems in much of the state.

Lawyer Matthew S. DePerno and his client, William Bailey are the two Americans who sued to force these records into the public’s eye. They want this to be the start of real transparency about the large amounts of fraud that happened on election day in their state and other states across the nation.

“Benson had money sent to to her to train state employees on how to use the Dominion Voting System,” a court document dated Jan. 4 said.

“It is our understanding that Benson chose to spend none of this money on training. Instead, she used the money to install what are known as Zucker-boxes throughout the state, in coordination with Dominion, Facebook, Center for Tech and Civic Life, Amazon, Google and Apple,” the filing said.

Even though President Biden has been forced onto us, the fight for election integrity continues at the grassroots. The many problems with the presidential election still need to be solved and investigated.