Insiders Reveal Who Really Controls Biden (It’s Not His Wife)

Senator Grassley said on Jesse Watters Primetime that he has “enough evidence” to warrant a probe into whether Biden is influenced by his son’s business activities in China.

“Do you have proof, senator, that Joe is being influenced by the Chinese?” Watters asked.

“I only have enough evidence to believe it’s a real question,” Grassley said. “I don’t have anything that goes as far as you’d want me to say it does. If I could, I’d tell you everything.”

“What we know is that Hunter Biden had deals with Chinese businesspeople, the CEFC corporation, an energy firm; those Chinese businesspeople had connections to the military and Communist Party of China. We know they received $5 million once. James received a one-time award of one million dollars.”

“Then we have a slew of bank records showing that $100,000 was paid on a regular basis to Hunter Biden for many months, as well as $65,000 to James Biden. And it raises the question: does this compromise national security in the United States? Do they have enough on them to extract anything from an American president? I can’t answer that.”

“Doesn’t it lead most fair-minded Americans to believe that perhaps that money may be influencing the president of the United States’ decisions, which might have an impact on our national security?” asked Watters.

“It could be that,” he said. “If I had enough evidence to prove it 100 percent, I would be willing to say that. But I think my reputation for simply going by the facts and following the money will prevent me from going any farther right now.”

Clearly Sen. Grassley is afraid of getting sued for slander. But when you look at all the facts, it is obvious that Biden at least has a soft spot for America’s biggest adversary. Is it any wonder why his administration has gone easy on China at every turn? America needs MAGA and America Firsters back in power to defend us from the ever-increasing Chinese influence machine. Which may have now claimed our own president.

Author: Steven Sinclaire