Inside Whistleblower Reveals Deep State’s True Role In Washington

Retired United States Army colonel and former Trump White House official Douglas Macgregor reacted to news of General Mark Milley’s subversive discussions with leaders of the Chinese PLA during his appearance on Tucker Carlson’s show, referring to DC as being “occupied territory” in connection to the undemocratic subversion of the deep state.

Reports have said that Milley, Joint Chiefs Chairman, started unconstitutional subversion of the executive branch during President Donald Trump’s White House after Macgregor issued a plan to withdraw the American military from Afghanistan, a long-wanted foreign policy goal that was greatly opposed by the American deep state and mainstream media.

“This is yet another windsock… This guy blows with the wind. Clearly the wind pushed to the left, and he was working with his bosses,” said Macgregor about Milley, who started to undermine the legitimate President at the end of 2020 when it became certain that Biden would be inaugurated early in the next year.

“I believe it is very clear that the American pubic are not represented in DC… It is occupied territory. It is occupied by corporations and controlled by donors.”

“So the American public are not asked about what happens, about anything- war, immigration, intervening somewhere. President Donald Trump is not a person who would launch a nuclear strike against another nation. That is absurd.”

Tucker Carlson stressed that President Donald Trump was the first executive on the presidential throne since Jimmy Carter not to create a new war, revealing that Milley’s paranoia of an incoming nuclear strike against China was nothing more than paranoia meant to please the Democrats.

This comes at a time when a federal judge has said that Democrat Prosecutors went too far in their charges against Trump supporters who they allege are rioters. The charges of interrupting an official proceeding carries with it a 20 year prison sentence.

Also, it is being reported that Democrats are refusing to enact vaccine mandates on illegal immigrants as such mandates are being imposed upon Americans. These are just two things that have caused further erosion of trust among America’s rulers and normal everyday citizens.

Author: Scott Dowdy