Impeachment Lawyers Annihilate Prosecution With Leaked Video

President Trump’s lead impeachment attorney Bruce Castor has announced he will use videos of Democrats inciting violence during the upcoming impeachment trial.

Castor said the defense will keep to the strategy outlined in the message they gave to the Senate last week.

The Trump defense said in the message that the Constitution “requires the person in question hold office in order to be impeached” and that former President Trump was using his First Amendment right of free speech to question the results of the election.

The impeachment against President Trump is not Constitutional because he does not hold office after he left Washington, the defense argued.

Castor said the defense team will show video clips of Democrats encouraging violent activities during the trial which is scheduled to start this Monday.

Castor took notice of Democrats cheering on rioters who were burning down cities and attacking federal law enforcement officers last summer.

“Many Democrats in DC have used the most inflammatory speech possible,” he said.

“But when President Trump gives a speech and he says ‘you should all peacefully make your thinking known to Congress,’ he is suddenly a villain.”

It is not clear which Democrats’ comments the Trump team will bring up during the trial.

But among them could be Representative Ayanna Pressley (D-Mass.) who said during the BLM riotes that there should be “unrest in the streets”

During an MSNBC interview, she said “There should be unrest in the streets while there is unrest in our lives. And there is plenty to go around.”