ICE Twitter Account Gets Shutdown — But Not By Twitter

The Twitter account for ICE—which notified people about criminal illegals—has been locked by the Biden White House.

In a statement to reporters, Rep. Andrew Clyde, R-Ga., said the locking of the ICE Alerts account, which happened this week, is terrible news for the safety of America.

“It seems Biden is putting open-borders policies above the safety of citizens,” Clyde said.

Jon Feere, who was chief of staff for ICE under Trump, tweeted, “Biden has locked ICE’s public safety account, which alerts Americans about fugitive aliens.”

“The Biden White House locked @ICEAlerts because if the location of these criminal aliens were reported to ICE, it would be too obvious that these drug dealers, drunk drivers and thieves are being let go under Biden’s direction,” he said.

The director of The Heritage Foundation’s Center for Technology Policy, Lora Ries, told reporters in an email that she is worried about what this move says about the Biden team.

“The Biden team has stopped publishing dangerous criminal fugitives on the Twitter account,” she said, adding:

This, combined with Biden’s shocking Priorities Memo that says ICE priorities are simply spies, terrorists and aggravated felons, makes Biden a protector of criminal aliens instead of American citizens.