Hunter Biden Caught In Felony Crime — Until The Secret Service Took Over

The Secret Service stepped in to fix a bizarre situation back in 2018 involving Hunter Biden.

According to reports, Hallie Biden, who became involved with Hunter after Beau’s death, discovered Hunter’s revolver in his pickup, then she took his gun threw it away in a grocery store outdoor trash can.

When Biden returned to find the gun was missing, Delaware police stepped in to investigate, concerned that local high school kids might have got it. But then, a weird thing happened.

Two people, one with direct knowledge of the event, claim that the Secret Service allegedly went to Ron Palmieri, the owner of the store where Hunter bought the revolver, in order to retrieve the paperwork of the transaction.

The owner of the store said no, thinking the Secret Service wanted to remove any link to Hunter Biden should the gun would be involved in a crime. But the owner did give the paperwork to the BATF.

There is a possibility that Hunter Biden committed a felony when he purchased the gun. Politico got copies of the Firearms Record. In response to the question “Are you a user of marijuana, any depressant, narcotic, or any other controlled substance?” Hunter marked “no” despite his past of illegal drug usage and his removal from the Navy Reserve five years earlier after failing a drug test for cocaine. Lying on gun forms is a felony, although prosecutions are rare.

The Secret Service claims the agency has no record of investigating the situation, and the gun was later returned by someone who searches for recyclables in the store’s trash.

Did Joe Biden force the Secret Service to intervene to help his son? We might never know for sure.

Author: Scott Dowdy