House Democrats Shaken By 23 Resignations — With More On The Way

Democrats entered 2021 in a strong position. The American people gave them control of the House, the Senate, and the White House. It was the left’s chance to prove to the country they could lead better than Donald Trump and the GOP. So, what did they do to impress us?

Well, they immediately held a second impeach case against Donald Trump, the outgoing president. They followed that up with a partisan spending bill that triggered massive inflation. They supported policies by Joe Biden that created a border crisis. They proceeded to sit back and do nothing as this bankrupt administration destroyed our economy, neglected skyrocketing crime, and made many problems worse.

All because they thought the “Build Back Better” bill would be enough to win over Americans. And even that is dead. Now, faced with insurmountable odds, Democrats are fleeing the sinking ship like rats.

With the midterms less than a year away, 23 House Democrats have already announced they will not be running for reelection to retire from the public eye for wanting to be with family, focus on health, or say it is time to move on, while some Democrats are also looking to run for a different office, such as the U.S. Senate…

There are also members such as embattled Rep. Vicente Gonzalez (D-TX) who announced he would be running for reelection, but in a different congressional district than his current one. In October, he announced that he is abandoning his constituents and his seat to run in a new district instead of his now-competitive congressional district, which Republican opponents have long sought to win. [Source: Breitbart]

Democrats’ majority in the House is only due to a handful of seats. Republicans only need to win a few to retake the majority. With at least twenty-three Democrats leaving, it is a sure shot that Republicans can flip the House. But there’s more. Some Democrats are leaving their safe seats to go after new ones, making it a toss-up if they’ll win or not.

Then you have to consider the ongoing low poll numbers they are experiencing. For the first time, Republicans are beating Democrats in generic polls by over ten points.

Democrats are entering 2022 on a very bad note. But this should not be a surprise to anyone paying attention. They squandered whatever good will they earned from voters by tearing our country apart. They went after polices, parents, health care workers, our troops, and even children. They ignored Americans as we demanded action on many crises.

Did they really think this was a winning strategy? Did they even care? Even now, they blindly push forward with a radical, far-left agenda that few Americans want. They keep ignoring us, as if our concerns (and votes) don’t matter.

Well, they’ll see the light, come November.

Author: Matthew Anderson