Hollywood Star Flips The Narrative, Says Vaccine Receivers Are Under “Hypnosis”

Rock star Eric Clapton believes that people who have taken the coronavirus jab are under a type of “hypnosis.”

Clapton, 76, said on YouTube that he was duped into getting the vaccine by subliminal propaganda put out by pharmaceutical companies.

“Whatever the memo was, it had not reached me,” he said about the theory of “mass formation psychosis” that has gotten popular in past weeks.

“Then I began to realize there was a memo, and a person, Mattias Desmet who is the professor of psychology in Belgium, who talked about it,” Clapton said. “And it’s great. The theory about mass formation hypnosis. And I could see it. Once I sort of began to search for it, I saw it everywhere.”

Clapton added that he realized he was “seeing things on YouTube that was like subliminal advertising.”

He says his resistance to the covid vaccine was responsible for resurrecting his music career after was “kind of forcibly retired” because of the COVID-19 lockdown programs restricting his ability to perform live events. Clapton does not regret coming out against the vaccines even though it had alienated him.

“I would attempt to reach out to my fellow musicians and I would just not hear back from them,” he said. “My phone does not ring very often. I do not get that many emails and texts anymore.”

We have reported on Clapton’s refusal to play his shows in places that have vaccine mandates:

“Eric Clapton said he would not perform at any location that requires people to have a vaccine against coronavirus.”

“Clapton issued his comment after the UK’s Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s statement this Monday, July 19th, that covid vaccine passes would be needed to enter venues and nightclubs. The comment was shared via Telegram.”

Clapton’s belief that something else is going on with the covid vaccines is shared by many Americans. There seems to be a growing consensus that the entire thing, while being a real pandemic, was taken to the extreme using psychological methods akin to brainwashing, and done so for political reasons.

Author: Steven Sinclaire