Hollywood Insider Reveals The Sick Reason Why Democrats Love Gavin Newsom

Actress Rose McGowan has alleged that California’s First Lady Jennifer Newsom tried to silence her from speaking about Harvey Weinstein’s sexual crimes, in a new development that raising concerns about the Newsom family’s Hollywood and political connections before the upcoming state recall election.

Talking to Dave Rubin, McGowan said that Jennifer Newsom- who is an actress herself- had phoned McGowan before the 2017 publishing of a NY Times article about accusations of Harvey Weinstein sexually attacking women and performing “casting couch” predatory crimes. Newsom then became the First Lady of California later in 2019.

Jennifer Newsom tried to create a meeting with McGowan in the city of Brentwood, in which McGowan believes she would have tried to buy her off to stop her from going public with her stories of Weinstein’s sex crimes.

“She called me for a Theranos board member… A longtime lawyer of Bill and Hillary, and Weinstein. This woman, I do not know, named Newsom, phones me- ‘David Boies wants to know what could make you happy.’“

Boies, an elite Dem attorney of Weinstein, had asked a private intel. company to spy on the victims of Weinstein. For many years, Weinstein used his network of highly wealthy progressives in media, business and government to remove reporting about his sexual assaults, only to eventually be convicted in 2020.

The Newsom family is known for being supported by high-powered Hollywood Dem donors and oligarchs, in most part due to Jennifer Newsom’s insider connections to the industry.

Jennifer Newsom, who frequently supports the Democratic Party’s corporate feminism, is yet to talk about the bombshell allegation of aiding the reputation of a serial rapist.

Democrats are always there to support so-called women’s rights when those issues can be used to score political points that are convenient to them. But when it comes to serious crimes against women, it seems they are completely fine with brushing it under the rug without the slightest hesitation. The same is true for racial slurs being used against black Republicans. Just ask Larry Elder about that and he will tell you!

Author: Steven Sinclaire