Hillary Has A Nervous Breakdown Over Trump Spy Story

After previously ignoring concerns about the bombshell news in John Durham’s new filing, Hillary Clinton has finally went on record to reply. According to the twice-loser presidential candidate, Donald Trump and conservative news publishers are “desperately attempting to spin a fake scandal in order to distract away from the real ones.”

According to a legal motion filed Friday by Durham, attorneys for Hillary Clinton’s campaign supposedly gave money to a tech company to “infiltrate” servers that were owned by Trump Tower and even the White House later “for the purpose of getting derogatory data about Donald Trump.”

“Trump & Fox are desperately spinning up a phony scandal to distract away from his real ones. So it is a day that ends in Y,” Hillary tweeted on Wednesday. “The more his actions are exposed, the more he lies.” Hillary included a link to a story from a fashion magazine called Vanity Fair, which she says debunks the accusations because that is the best she can come up with after spending five days probably working on her response

Former Clinton campaign attorney Michael Sussmann, the person at the center of the filing, also objects to the motion, and is now demanding the court “strike” the “factual background” part of the filing, saying it will “taint the jury pool.”

“Unfortunately, the Special Counsel did more than just file a document identifying possible conflicts of interest,” Sussmann’s attorneys said. “Rather, the Special Counsel has issued a filing that unnecessarily includes prejudicial—and fake—allegations that are irrelevant to the Motion and to the offense, and are plainly intended to be used to politicize this case, inflame the media, and taint the jury pool.”

This comes at a time when Hillary and Trump seem to be set for a re-match in 2024. Trump as not formally declared that he will be attempting another run for the White House, but most insiders report that he is. Meanwhile, Hillary also seems to be increasing her public appearances within political circles. If it does happen, 2024 would be an epic presidential battle and certainly one with a lot of tension on both sides.

Author: Blake Ambrose