Hillary Exposed For Role In Wiki Leaks Scheme

Project Veritas have been hitting it out of the park recently. And their latest reveal is a real show-stopper.

Their people have got their hands on a call between Wikileaks founder Julian Assange and one of Crooked Hillary’s former lawyers working in the State Department.

Hear for yourself:

The 2011 recording features Assange issuing an urgent warning regarding a possible release of classified State Department materials.

Assange desperately attempted to stop the publication of unredacted documents by other parties.

Assange contacted officials to minimize the damage. And he warned those at risk from the incoming publication of the stolen unfiltered documents.

The disturbing call between lawyer Cliff Johnson and Assange shows that Assange went through a lot to prevent any and all damage that could be caused by the release of the important documents.

The call is rock solid evidence that WikiLeaks only published the documents after they were widely available on other websites. Even further, Assange continually offered support to the State Department to lesson any damage done. This happend six full days before the public gained access. Yet Clinton’s State Department took no action. They completely ignored his warnings. 

Further in the call, the lawyer asks if WikiLeaks had tried to stop sabatoors from publishing the documents. He responded they had but the DOJ needed to take action now. 

Assange went on to ask for an official to visit him in person. Because of his house arrest he could not go to London. He said he wanted to give them the file location and password. Saying he didn’t trust unsecure lines. They declined this request.

The recording is proof that WikiLeaks was working for almost a year to protect people who could be at risk. And only slowly published stories after they were properly filtered. But regardless, Assange remains in prison for releasing these documents. He ruthlessly targeted, and the Obama administration never took action on his warnings. But now, as rumors swirl about President Trump’s potential pardon of Assange, these tapes certainly help his case.

Issuing a pardon to Assange would be a compassionate and appropriate milestone for President Trump’s legacy.