Hillary Clinton Signals A Return To National Power

Former Dem presidential nominee Hillary Clinton will lead a big dollar fundraiser for Ohio Senate candidate Congressman Tim Ryan, in what will be her first fundraising event since the 2020 election.

The event, which will be on Zoom will have a minimum donation of $2,900, and donors can then be event co-chairs if they donate $20,800. Ryan is the presumptive Dem nominee in the election to succeed retiring GOP Senator Rob Portman, although he does face a liberal primary opponent in former Consumer Financial Protection Bureau member Morgan Harper.

Both Bill And Hillary Clinton are reportedly wanting to play a renewed role in Dem Party politics. Hillary Clinton was within two fundraisers for then-candidates Biden and Harris during the 2020 presidential election, although she was then overshadowed by fundraising surrogates such as Stacey Abrams and Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren.

Hillary Clinton’s continued desire to get involved in party politics is “about people seeing her and Bill as a net win,” a former worker for the Clintons reportedly said to Politico.

Several former Hillary Clinton advisers have said that Hillary Clinton would aim for a 2024 presidential run. Douglas Schoen, whose business partner was as chief political strategist on Hillary Clinton’s 2008 presidential campaign, said in a WSJ op-ed that the former NY senator could serve as a moderate during the 2024 primaries. Former WH adviser Dick Morris said there was a “good chance” that the 2024 election will have a Clinton-Donald Trump rematch.

Clinton spoke out on the far-left members of the Dem Party back in December, saying that politicians should work in “careful thinking about who wins elections, and not only in deep-blue districts where a Dem and a liberal Dem, or so-called progressive Dem, is going to win.”

Ryan has portrayed himself as a somewhat moderate and, during his brief push for president, frequently criticized Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders’ program to remove private health insurance. However, he said in June 2021 that he would vote to stop the filibuster to pass multiple pieces of liberal legislation, most notably an election nationalization bill.

Author: Scott Dowdy