Hilarious Biden Billboard Leaves Liberals Speechless

Americans have been shocked by just how badly Biden has dealt with the Afghanistan situation.

Biden seemed angry during his speech yesterday attempting to justify withdrawal, when what Americans were really looking for was answers about how he was managing the withdrawal — why the event was such a terrible disaster and what he was doing to help people. But he really did not answer that. Instead, he just blamed everyone else for these problems. Then he refused to take questions and went back to Camp David for his vacation.

As I said earlier, there was shock across the board about his speech from every political line, even among Dems who would normally give President Biden more credit. The pollster who judged people’s reactions stated that Biden’s speech was not taken well, with anyone, with GOPers and independents giving it a complete failing grade and Dems giving Biden a “C.”

But someone has decided enough was enough — that he wanted to let his feelings be known about Biden on a billboard. He or she clearly has a sense of humor, as he got Biden good.

Now that is just amazing. It features Biden eating ice cream while helicopters are launching off the United States Embassy in Kabul in a “Saigon moment” that looks like the fleeing of the embassy back in 1975. Then another pic shows Biden look out from behind blinds.

Brad Markley is a Trump supporter from the city and he sent pics of the billboard and I can confirm these billboards are real and not photoshopped. So thank you Brad for that help!

But in case you are still not sure, someone really went there and recorded an unedited video of the billboard to prove it was real.

Looks like not everyone is enjoying Biden in Wilmington, North Carolina. It does skewer him perfectly.

Hat’s off to the person who was behind this. We do not know who your identity but I tip my cap to you, good American. You have said it for so many Americans with your humor.

Author: Scott Dowdy