Here’s Why Democrats Are Having Mental Breakdowns This Week

MSNBC’s Chris Hayes pinned the Democratic Party’s dismal polling numbers ahead of the midterms on Senator Joe Manchin (Dem-W. Virginia), and many people on the left agreed with him.

“This is beyond infuriating and it’s really Joe Manchin’s doing,” Hayes tweeted in response to a new Morning Consult poll.

The poll, which revealed that Dems had a 12 point generic ballot advantage among people who got the child tax credit in December 2021, but then that lead vanished to a 3 point gap by April 2022.

Hayes’ followers believed his explanation about Manchin’s having “single-handedly” destroyed the Democrats made sense, even though it was untrue.

“When 2022 comes, there will be a slew of hot takes from moderate white people blaming everyone of color, from AOC to Will Smith,” replied Elie Mystal of the Nation.

“If the Democrats are defeated, it will be due to Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema’s refusal to allow Democrats to govern,” he said.

Another furious liberal responded, “Once again, screw everyone who yelled at liberals to be quiet and vote for Joe Manchin four years ago. We said we had a wonderful opportunity to get rid of him, but no, you damn people who said ‘vote blue no matter who,’ you voted him back in.”

“But if the midterms go badly for Democrats, they won’t be able to write their essays fast enough about how Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and the left are to blame,” reads another popular tweet.

“Yes, but it’s also due to moderate Democrats who offered Manchin the infrastructure bill he craved for nothing in return. Progressives told us that utilizing it as a bargaining chip was the only way to get him to deal,” according to another detractor. “It was working until Biden asked them to give up.”

Others took issue with Hayes’ interpretation. Some argued that many of the recipients of the child tax credit might have abandoned the Democrats after learning that it was a one-time advance on their future tax refund. Others pointed out that Democrats had become extremely unpopular for a variety of reasons, including inflation, the open border agenda, and rising gasoline costs.

Author: Blake Ambrose