Here’s The Dumbest Line From Biden’s Painful Press Conference

One of most ridiculous parts of Biden’s press conference this week was when he succeeded in completing a sentence and made an insane attack on conservative efforts to protect election integrity in numerous states.

“What I am concerned about is how un-American this is,” he stated. “I am certain we will stop this agenda, because it is the most pernicious agenda— this makes Jim Crow look like Jim Eagle.”

Yes, he really said that.

A large 75 percent of voters support voter ID measures, which is part of the GOP’s efforts to bolster election security. For President Biden to compare this commonsense law to Jim Crow, let alone using such a terrible metaphor to say it is actually worse, is just beyond being shameful. But sadly, the left is going nuts for this new term.

“Jim Eagle is a nice phrase. We should get it to catch on,” said former Obama adviser Dan Pfeiffer.

Others made fun of Biden’s weird remark.

Author: Steven Sinclaire