Hate-Filled Attorney General Targets The Trump Family, Quickly Regrets It

In a court filing, the Trump family accused N. Y. Att. Gen. Letitia James, a Dem., of legal harassment that is politically-motivated.

The complaint that was filed by attorneys representing former Pres. Donald Trump and 2 of his children, Trump Jr. and Ivanka Trump, said that James, trying to “garner votes, support, and money, and now, as Att.  Gen., to increase political support,” has “constantly threatened prosecution and investigation” of the Trump family, according to Fox News.

The attorneys said that Letitia James has violated the N. Y. state constitution by conspiring with former N. Y. State D. A. Cyrus Vance Jr. to carry out parallel civil and criminal cases against the former president and his family, as reported by the Daily Mail.

In Jan., James claimed her investigators located so-called “evidence” that the Trump family used “fraudulent or misleading” asset valuations to get tax benefits and loan, the Associated Press reported.

James told the judge that even though she had not decided whether to file a lawsuit related to her claims, the Trump children’s testimonies “must be compelled,” showed by court documents.

James also subpoenaed Ivanka and Trump Jr., Fox News reported. She also demanded that the three of them offer documents and testimony and “in connection with the investigation into the valuation of properties controlled or owned by the Trump Organization or Donald Trump, or any matter which the A. G. deems pertinent thereto.”

“Under the N. Y. Constitution and the CPL, an agency doing a criminal investigation through an active jury should, if a witness is subpoenaed, examine the target or subject of the investigation in front of the grand jury.”

James’s “prosecution and investigation [is] based only on political animus” and “selective prosecution violates the Equal Protection Clauses of the Fed. and N. Y. States Constitutions and enforces that the subpoenas be stopped,” the Trump lawyers stated in the filing, the outlet reported.

“James is not working on behalf of the Att. Gen’s office, she is working for the Democrats and using the resources of  N. Y. for her own political ambition.”

“This conduct is an embarrassment to N. Y.. Last week an eleven-month-old girl got shot in the face on N. Y. streets, homelessness is through the roof, crime is absolutely rampant, two brave police officers were just killed and 1.9% of New Yorkers have left the state in the last twelve months. Yet James’s only focus, and all her resources, remains on getting Pres. Trump — the leader of the Rep. Party,” Eric said.

Author: Steven Sinclaire