Harris Gives a Truly Bizarre Reason For The Border Crisis

VP Kamala Harris tried to escape responsibility for the forced flooding of America with illegals by trying to blame the agenda on the conspiracy of “global warming.”

“With the root causes, there are also issues of corruption., Harris said. “Again, we are seeing the topic of climate resiliency and then the worry about not having economic opportunity.”

Harris is pushing to gift $84 billion of U.S. taxpayer funds to Central American nations, which she says would end mass migration into the country. She also reportedly alleged that the global warming conspiracy was behind economic migration into the country, which caused centuries of poverty in the region.

“We are seeing storm damage because of severe climate., Harris said. “We are seeing drought in a region where agriculture is among the most traditionally important parts of their economy.”

Harris has faced pushback for not personally inspecting the southern border as well as not condemning the cartel activity happening in the area.

Author: Steven Sinclaire