Guess Who Biden Says Is “The Most Extreme Political Group”

During his speech today, Joe Biden once again underwhelmed while delivering another low-rated presentation, but he did make news by trashing the ‘MAGA crowd’ as being the “most extreme political group that has ever existed in United States history,” before correcting himself and adding, “recent United States history.”

Before trashing the MAGA crowd, Biden mentioned the leaked Supreme Court decision that scuttled Roe v. Wade. “What happens if a state law is changed to exclude LGBTQ kids from classrooms with other children?” he asked.

“Is that legal under the circumstances? What are the next steps going to be taken against you? Because this MAGA crew is truly the most radical political group in American history. Recent U.S. history.”

“I know I have the rights I possess because the government hasn’t given them to me…but because I am a child of God.”

Biden went on making claims that sounded like they came from a lunatic on the street claiming to have accomplished things he keeps shouting about.

He claimed he is cutting the deficit while also implying that his tax plan differs from the GOP’s, despite not altering Trump’s tax legislation while the Democratic Party is in control of Congress.

“The deficit is one approach to relieve inflationary forces in a country where a war, gas prices, and oil all play a role. It is just a different world right now because of Russia and Ukraine,” Biden said.

“There is no reason why a wealthy individual should be taxed at a lower rate than a firefighter or teacher.”

“That is a complete contrast to what the GOP is offering.”

“I look forward to cutting the deficit even more in order to minimize inflationary measures and make everything more affordable for families.”

“For all of the talk the GOP offer about deficits, not once during my tenure did it happen, not a single quarter.”

“The bottom line is America’s deficit increased each year under my predecessor, even before the epidemic, but it has decreased every year since I took office.”

Author: Steven Sinclaire