Guess Which Anti-Trump RINO Was Behind These Deadly Shootings?

Republican South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham called on police to “take back” the Senate from unarmed conservative protestors after they disrupted the January 6 electoral vote count.

“What are you doing? Take the Senate back! You have guns. Use them,” Graham said to the Senate sergeant-at-arms. The comments were first revealed by The Washington Post.

A spokesperson for Graham confirmed the statements in a comment to Fox News.

“Graham was very clear on this point, noting the backpacks and other items brought inside the Capitol could have explosives. The damage could have been a lot worse,” communications director Kevin Bishop said.

When reached for a statement, Bishop pointed to remarks Graham made on January 7 outlining his thinking during the so-called riot.

“Yesterday they could have exploded the building. They could have killed everyone,” Graham said on C-SPAN. “People coming through windows with backpacks, as big as my desk. They should have been stopped and challenged, warning shots could have been fired and lethal force could have been used once they had penetrated the seat of government. Those backpacks could have hidden bombs, chemical weapons, anything. We dodged a bullet yesterday. If this isn’t a wake up call, I don’t know what is. Is it a leadership problem? Of course. Is it an Intel failure of the greatest proportions? Absolutely.”

During the riot, lawmakers and Capitol Police officers barricaded the House doors and the doors of the Speaker’s Lobby. Police shot unarmed protestor Ashli Babbitt, who tried to climb through the doors and allegedly refused to go along with orders to step away from the barrier.

Graham later said that former President Trump would “get his share of blame in history” for his part in the so-called riot, although he said Donald Trump’s impeachment for causing the riot was unconstitutional.

This comes at a time when Democrats are using the events of January 6th to target conservatives more than ever. Biden and other far-left Democrats, along with the mainstream media, are working hard to create a narrative that “white nationalist terrorists” are widespread in America.

Author: Scott Dowdy