Growing Number of Republicans Want Special Counsel to Go After Hunter Biden

For years, conservative outlets have been raising the alarm over Hunter Biden. We’ve pointed out the many damning pieces of evidence that have surfaced about Joe’s son. But the liberal media have tried to silence us by claiming the evidence was “Russian misinformation.” That, despite the fact that most of the information was coming from a laptop that was owned by Hunter himself.

Only recently did the New York Times admit they were lying about Hunter’s laptop. They fessed up to the fact that it was, in fact, owned by Biden’s son, indirectly verifying its contents. That has triggered a flood of new reports about Hunter’s behavior, that connects him with crooked figures all over the world and his father. Now, Republicans are stepping up calls to investigate this suspicious man.

Nearly 100 House Republicans are urging Attorney General Merrick Garland to appoint a special counsel to investigate Hunter Biden’s foreign business deals, saying they had the hallmarks of an influence peddling scandal…

“It is increasingly clear that Hunter Biden took advantage of his father’s position as Vice President to develop business relationships with clients in Ukraine, China, and Kazakhstan,” the lawmakers wrote. “Hunter Biden likely facilitated lobbying for foreign entities through third-party channels without registering for the Foreign Agents Registration Act.” […]

“We believe that in the case of Hunter Biden a special counsel must be appointed to preserve the integrity of this investigation and any subsequent prosecution. A special counsel would also ensure there is no bias in the investigation or undue influence from the White House,” the lawmakers added. [Source: Just the News]

House Republicans don’t believe the attorney general’s office can be unbiased when investigating Joe Biden’s son. So, they are demanding an independent special counsel be appointed to look into Hunter’s troubling history. More and more data comes out revealing this man exploited his father’s position to score special jobs, favors, and big paydays.

And other evidence suggests Biden himself was in on this racket. Numerous messages and emails suggest Hunter was either doing things on behalf of his father or at his father’s request. Some documents seem to imply that Hunter frequently drew on Joe’s influence to get deals done.

There is ample reason why the DOJ should look into this. And if Republicans win in 2022, expect this to get traction. If the DOJ doesn’t respond, a House controlled by Republicans can launch their own investigations. They might actually find the answers millions of Americans are demanding.

Author: Moe Blow