‘Green’ California Is About to Punish Solar Panel Owners–Elon Musk Urges Them to Fight Back

Okay, this is an odd one. Super-liberal California prides itself on being the most environmentally-friendly state in the country. They are so “green” that they aggressively got rid of as many fossil fuel sources of energy as possible. They only had three coal fire plants left, when they were hit with rolling blackouts and an energy crisis. I guess that means their only alternative is to push renewable sources of energy, right? Like, for instance, solar panels—which homeowners can buy and install themselves.

In a sunny state like CA, solar panels can be a massive boon. They take a huge burden off of consumers. In some cases, homeowners with solar panels can put energy back into the grid. Some can even come off the grid and save thousands a year. Yet, once again, the crooks who run the state can’t even leave a good thing alone. Because the corrupt government is negotiating to charge people who want to install solar panels a huge fee. So, Elon Musk is fighting back.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk is criticizing California lawmakers over a “bizarre” new solar tax, while the automaker created a website for people to send complaints to Governor Gavin Newsom (D-CA).

The California Public Utilities Commission’s proposal would “evolve decarbonization incentive efforts to meet the state’s groundbreaking clean energy goals” by creating a “grid participation charge” of $8 per kilowatt for residential solar panel users…

“Bowing to pressure from the California utilities, the CPUC is proposing new net metering rules (NEM 3.0) that includes a “grid access” fee of $8/kW of installed solar per month – in addition to other fees – that could add between $50-$80/month to the electric bill of a home solar customer. If adopted, this would be the highest solar fee anywhere in the country, including states hostile to renewable energy.” [Source: Daily Wire]

What California’s corrupt governor wants to do is punish people who bothered to invest in renewable energy. This new “grid access” fee would charge solar panel owners $8/kW, meaning they could pay an additional $50-$80 a month—defeating the purpose of getting solar panels in the first place. Musk’s company Telsa explained that is the highest fee of any state, including states that are “hostile” to renewable energy.

Why on earth would a “green” liberal governor support such an obvious cash-grab? This kind of move would discourage people from installing solar panels. Because the crooked utility companies realize they are losing money as more people rely on solar energy. Hell, the sun gives its energy away for free! If too many people depend on this God-given source of power, companies that have been ripping us off for years will lose a fraction of a percent of profit!

It’s pretty disgusting that Democrats, who long accused Republicans of bowing to big companies, are now doing the very same thing they previously condemned. Gov. Newsom is scheming with these energy companies to protect their interests—at the cost of his party’s supposed “green” goals. This new fee will turn people away from buying solar panels. That’s good for the utility companies because these folks will keep buying power from them.

But it undermines what Newsom and liberals claim they want—a country that relies on renewable energy. Musk is urging residents to bombard Newsom with complaints. If enough Californians hammer their crooked governor, he’ll have no choice but to drop this plan.

Author: Bo Grogan