[Graphic] Federal Agents Smuggle Out Impeachment-Worthy Photos

The Biden admin.’s handling of the continuing crisis at the southern border is floundering as the huge inflow of people illegally coming into the country remains at an all-time record, leading to more overcrowding at border facilities with coronavirus still being an issue.

A video taken this week by someone inside the Rio Grande Valley Sector reveals immigrants in a facility jammed in tightly, with many not wearing masks. This has caused Border Patrol to have to take people caught elsewhere in the area to the temporary holding spot under the Anzalduas International Bridge in the city of Mission, Texas, where temperatures go over 100 degrees on a daily basis.

“They are way over capacity – so illegals sit outside because where do we take them? Logistically it’s a complete nightmare – people need to go to the bathroom, eat, and on and on…This has gone past the point of sustainability – it is lunacy,” the source stated.

Former Acting Commissioner of U.S. Border Agent Mark Morgan told reporters that the Biden admin. has been lying to the American people since the beginning of the border crisis.

“Early on when they were stating, ‘Hey, there is nothing to see here, we have it all under control,’ they were speaking about unaccompanied minors. They didn’t mention what was happening with the lone adults and families, and I think they were doing this intentionally to lie to and misdirect the American people,” Morgan stated, adding that the transporting of unaccompanied minors to the Dept. of Health and Human Services locations was a “shell game” because some of these sites have also had bad conditions because of their rapid set up after the crisis started in February.

“Look at these damn pictures…Border Patrol is getting angered and the agents are sending out photos,” to reveal what is really going on, Morgan said.

Morgan said the overall capacity for the two Border Patrol locations in the Rio Grande Valley for illegals is 600.

“Last week, they counted 10,000! And 8,000 were not yet processed,” leading to overcrowding which breaks every single rule on mitigated COVID-19.

“Where is the media, the open border advocates and the liberals who showed crocodile tears back in 2019? Where are they?”

CNN mentioned recently how unaccompanied minors in these locations revealed they are still being fed uncooked food, having to wait a long time for medical attention, and experiencing much longer stays.

Author: Blake Ambrose