[GRAPHIC] BLM Leader Caught On Video Committing Heinous New Crime

A BLM leader was arrested after assaulting an elderly 80-year-old woman for reasons not yet known. The event was captured on video and has gone viral on the net.

From ItemLive, Ernst Jean-Jacques Jr., a 32-year-old man was arrested for assault of a person 60 or older after punching Linda Greenburg, 80-years-old.

Jean-Jacques participated in an anti-Trump protest last Saturday. During this even, he was seen with a bullhorn in front of Trump supporters and was even dancing at one point. This is when Greenburg reached the fence between Trump supporters and anti-Trump protesters.

No one know what Greenburg said to Jean-Jacques. But whatever it was triggered him to punch the woman. The camera which recorded the event was blocked, so the punch is not seen directly, but the 80-year-old was then seen bending over and seemed to be severely traumatized. The suspect left the area after this happened, but was tracked down by police soon after. He was then let go after a $550 bail bond was posted.

This is the second time an anti-trump protester has been arrested at these events. While zero Trump supporters have been arrested for any wrong doing. The first time happened on Nov. 19 when police arrested Nathan Dinnall for trying to steal a Trump supporter’s digital camera.

It’s disgusting that some in our nation celebrate people like Jean-Jacques and turn them into heroes even after they commit such shameful violence even against elderly people. Regardless of what Greenburg said, Jean-Jacques could have ignored it or responded… but instead the “hero” BLM leader decided violence was the best solution. Not a hero after all!