Graham Sends Chilling Warning To GOP Members

Senator Lindsey Graham defended Donald Trump recently, when he called his impeachment “unconstitutional” while pushing the GOP to not leave him lest they risk destroying the party.

In a discussion with Fox, the South Carolina GOP member said he disagrees with Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) that President Trump was the cause of the Jan. 6 protest turned violent at Capitol Hill, which influenced Democrats to impeach Trump for a second time.

“It seems like we’re moving toward” impeachment, Graham stated. “We are about to impeach a citizen of Florida, okay? We’re about to impeach someone not in office, for the purpose of ensuring he can never run for office again.

“I believe it’s unconstitutional. It continues to split the nation. It brings a cloud of doubt over the office of president. It will spring open a Pandora’s box concerning the presidency itself,” Graham went on. “So I request the conservative leadership to be more assertive.”

He later praised McConnell as a “good majority leader” who “was indispensable” to Trump in getting his Supreme Court nominees appointed, on top of other vital legislation.

“He’s a true conservative but I am truly hoping he will announce that impeachment in this circumstance is unconstitutional,” Graham said, suggesting that the GOP betraying Trump would be a disaster.

“For this party to survive, we need to understand that Trump had an important presidency for us, that he’s going to be the biggest voice in the party. I know that, and I understand that,” said Graham.

The long-serving Republican followed up by saying he hoped Trump would use his influence to help Republicans regain control over Congress in the 2022 midterms.

The Fox host interviewing Graham then mentioned how McConnell laid the blame for the Capitol protest on Trump and asked if he agreed.

“No, I do not,” Graham responded, saying he disagreed with the comments by President Trump’s legal team after the election.

“But the folks who rushed into the Capitol building are responsible for their actions. I am not responsible. President Trump is not responsible,” he argued. “If you believe Trump personally committed a crime, he could be prosecuted. Impeachment is nothing but a political act that will further split the nation, and I believe it will possibly destroy the presidency.”

House Dems pushed a never seen before second impeachment against President Trump after the Capitol protests. But also unprecedented: Dems only had a two-hour debate time, refused any hearings, and refused to let Trump’s legal representatives to speak on his behalf.

The Fox host said several GOP members want to “erase” Trump from the party. And that Trump is rumored to be considering creating his own “Patriot Party.”

“I hope that he doesn’t do that. I hope he’ll continue to be the leader of the GOP,” Graham said.

“For conservatives, this has been a great four years — for building our military strength, for judges, for peace agreements,” he continued. “This has been a great presidency.”