Governor Newsom Makes History – But It’s Not What He Hoped For

For months, we’ve been hearing about an effort to recall California Governor Gavin Newsom. The last news to come out was that the effort raised millions of signatures, well above the threshold to trigger the election. But the real question would be, will Newsom’s cronies find a way to invalidate them?

The recall effort was long in the making. The liberal governor had broken one promise after another. He, like the CA Democrats that came before him, contributed to the state’s hardships with high taxes and wasteful spending. Under his leadership, unchecked wildfires destroyed many homes and communities.

But it all came to a head during the pandemic. Californians were just fine weathering abusive lockdowns, until the holidays came around. Newsom denied residents the right to celebrate Thanksgiving and Christmas. He, however, was seen at parties and making appearances at supposedly closed restaurants.

Well, people can only take so much before they strike back. But did Newsom’s people find a way to stop the recall? Not even close.

California Secretary of State Shirley N. Weber announced on Wednesday that only 43 signatures had been withdrawn statewide from petitions calling for the recall and that the remaining 1,719,900 verified signatures met the threshold to initiate a recall election…

“It will be only the second time in California’s history that a campaign to recall a governor has made the ballot out of 55 attempts,” Bloomberg News reported. “In 2003, Gray Davis was removed and replaced by Hollywood superstar Arnold Schwarzenegger, a Republican.” [Source: Daily Wire]

This is pretty huge. Many feared Newsom’s government would try to reject hundreds of thousands of signatures. But the recall effort worked tirelessly to acquire more than enough to pass the threshold. In the end, only a fraction of the signatures, 43, were tossed out.

That means that not only did the recall team did an outstanding job securing names, but that people across the state were eager to sign on. They have grown sick and tired of Newsom’s “leadership” and are ready to send a message to the state.

What happens next remains to be seen. Newsom will have to fight for his job, facing at least one opponent in November. There are already rumblings about Republican candidates lining up to face him. Even celebrity Caitlin Jenner is mounting a campaign.

It seems it is open season for the top spot in CA. But even more work has to be done to turn around the Golden State.

If Republicans are able to remove Newsom, the state still suffers from a large Democratic majority in the legislature. Major gains need to happen in 2022 in order to see strong conservative leadership take the reins.

A Republican governor would be great, but he’d need the support of lawmakers as well.

I guess we’ll have to see what happens.

Author: Tommy Smith