GOP’s New Pro-Gun Strategy Is Nothing Short Of Genius

In America’s fight to protect gun freedom, Missouri’s Camden County has become the state’s first sanctuary county for gun rights.

The act currently in the state legislature is called the Second Amendment Preservation Act. It will attempt to cancel out possible federal restrictions on gun ownership. This would include prohibitions on owning or transferring guns.

First District Commissioner James Gohagan said the county that passed the new law will protect gun freedoms undeniably.

“All federal laws and regulations which impede on the rights guaranteed by the Second Amendment will be invalid in this county,” Gohagan said.

The bill comes as many counties in the state have called themselves gun rights sanctuary cities in the weeks after President Biden took office.

During 2020, over 120 counties and cities in Virginia have also announced themselves as sanctuaries, making it known that gun legislation will not be allowed or enforced. Bedford County Chairman Tommy Scott stressed protecting gun rights is not up for debate.

“The 2A was not for hunting, it was not even for protection from criminals,” Scott said. “It was written to protect ourselves from the very officials who are attempting to take our weapons away.”

Numerous counties in South Carolina have copied the move and also became sanctuary cities, which prohibit officials from forcibly taking an individual’s guns, regardless of laws that might change relating to gun rights.

Similar movements have also taken place across other states in recent months.