GOP Unveils Genius Plan To Get People Back To Work

About a year ago, Americans were facing unprecedented layoffs and firings. Millions lost their jobs, as states shut down businesses over the COVID panic. The federal government stepped in to bring relief to the problem they created, by extended unemployment benefits. In addition to the usual aid, they were adding additional funds to help people get through this rough, although short, period.

Even as early as last summer, advisors within the Trump administration were getting worried. They mulled over the idea of extending these unemployment perks, but knew that too much free money was a bad thing.

Enter Joe Biden. The socialist pushed for his “American Recovery” bill, that pumped $1.7 trillion of printed money into the economy. Among the man disasters this caused, it expanded the extra unemployment for millions. Which meant, these Americans were earning more sitting on their butts than going to work.

Florida was one of the first states to end this bogus arrangement, ending benefits for those not looking for work. Now, more Republican-run states are making sure people have an incentive to get a job.

As a growing number of Republican-led states are moving to opt out of enhanced federal unemployment benefits offered amid the COVID-19 pandemic, individuals in more than a dozen states will no longer be able to receive a $300 weekly benefit.

Georgia will cut off its participation in federal coronavirus unemployment programs effective June 26…

Alabama will dump the federal pandemic unemployment programs effective June 19, one week sooner than Georgia…

“Among other factors, increased unemployment assistance, which was meant to be a short-term relief program during emergency related shutdowns, is now contributing to a labor shortage that is compromising the continuation of our economic recovery.” [Source: Just the News]

Most states have been reopened since last Summer. Hell, even California will be fully opened by June. How are businesses supposed to resume normal operations, if half their staff are watching Netflix at home?

You probably noticed a shocking lack of staff at your local restaurants. It wasn’t like this just a few months ago, when people were eager to get back to “normal.” But because Comrade Joe extended additional unemployment payments, some people would rather screw their bosses than earn an honest day’s work.

That kind of situation can’t last forever. And while even this unemployment will dry up, some businesses won’t be able to survive that long. Biden has created a situation where, numerous businesses will go under—because they can’t find workers. By the time this unemployment is gone, workers forced to get find work will discover their old jobs are gone, because the businesses are dead.

Biden is like the opposite of King Midas. Everything he touches turns to rot. He took a recovery country and managed to do everything wrong. Include pumping trillions into our economy, which only led to more pain and suffering.

The only people trying to make it right are Republican governors. Cutting federal unemployment might sound harsh, but it is an incentive to get workers to go find jobs. Just as businesses are starting to hire, we have people who would rather sit around and do nothing.

Yeah, something tells me that’s not how you get a country to thrive.

Author: Mark Smith