GOP Turncoat Gets Major Reality Check

Republican lawmakers who joined with Democrats to push a second impeachment against Donald President Trump are coming up against a big backlash from fellow GOP’ers back in their home state. 

Representative Tom Rice (R-SC) just got hit with censorship by the South Carolina GOP for his part in the Democrats’ most recent impeachment attempt against Trump. More worrying for the Republican is the fact that this censorship began at the ground level in a county within the lawmaker’s district. 

“Attempting to impeach a president, with just a week remaining in his term, is nothing but a political punch,” stated Drew McKissick, the South Carolina GOP Chairman. “Representative Rice’s vote went right into the left’s game, and the citizens of his district, and in the end, our State Executive Committee, wanted him to understand just how much they disagree with his actions.”

Rice is among the latest House conservative turncoat on impeachment to get his justified backlash from constituents in his home state. Representative Liz Cheney (R-WY), chair of the House GOP Conference and the very first member of conservative leadership to support President Trump’s impeachment, was also censured by the Carbon County, Wyoming Republican Party Central Committee. The lawmaker is now facing a primary challenger in the form of Anthony Bouchard, a current Wyoming State Sen.

The Wyoming Republican party also slammed Cheney for her actions supporting impeachment. The party said Cheney’s vote was a “true disaster for Wyoming and the Nation” and slammed the congresswoman for “joining with leftists.” A large majority of 70 percent of Wyomians voted for President Donald Trump. 

The GOP Party in Allegan County, Michigan unanimously censured Representative Fred Upton (R-MI) after his support for impeachment.

Seven out of 10 of the House GOP defectors are now being challenged in their home states.