GOP Truck Driver Annihilates Democrat Opponent With a Shoestring Budget

Boy, are Americans starting to hate Democrats. If we learned anything from this week’s elections, it should be that. Virginia has been blue for over a decade. But they not only elected a Trump-backed governor, but a Republican lieutenant governor, and attorney general. Those wins were so profound, the media is beside itself with rage.

But those weren’t the only surprising upsets of this election week. One race was dragging out as precincts took their time counting the votes. Now, we know the outcome. And it’s certainly a shocker. Because the winner spent only a fraction of what his opponent did.

New Jersey State Senate President Stephen Sweeney officially lost re-election on Thursday to newcomer Edward Durr, a Republican truck driver, who spent only a couple thousand dollars on his campaign.

Politico, which referred to Sweeney as “New Jersey’s most powerful lawmaker,” said that Durr’s upset win dealt a “severe blow to Democrats” as Sweeney was “their most effective political machine.”

Durr defeated Sweeney after “spending $2,300, according to an Election Law Enforcement Commission document filed online on Thursday,” the Associated Press reported. [Source: Daily Wire]

Edward Durr, a former truck driver, beat incumbent and State Senate President Stephen Sweeney after spending a small amount on this campaign. According to the latest report, he spent only $2,300; earlier reports suggested the amount might have been as low as $153. Why was this man, on a shoestring budget, able to oust a 7-term politician?

Because he was running as a Republican, that’s why.

Sweeney was considered a critical lawmaker for Democrats in the state. He would have spent considerable amounts of money—perhaps millions—to win re-election. In fact, one group spent over $5 million in 2017 to get rid of him, but lost. So, why is Sweeney now forced to look for another job?

This crazy upset victory is a sign that even in blue New Jersey, Americans are getting fed up with Dems. After a year of lockdowns, mask mandates, and vaccine troubles, Americans have seen just how corrupt and power-hungry the left has become. But it’s only gotten worse this year, as Joe Biden stumbles around ruining every good thing America has left.

Democrats at the state level have refused to push back against Biden’s toxic agenda. They have applauded him as he puts Americans last, harming our energy production, increasing inflation, taking away jobs, and destroying our border. As Republican state leaders fight Biden tooth and nail, Democrats just roll over.

Voters might not have even seen a picture of Durr before election day. They certainly didn’t see ads, since his low budget wouldn’t have allowed that. All they saw was that he was a Republican, running against a Democrat, and that was enough.

This trend is happening all across America. And don’t think it will slow down anytime soon. Biden and his party show no signs of reversing the policies that are outraging Americans. This could result in a 2022 disaster for the left.

Author: Pete Smith