GOP Senators Get Bold–Mull Going After ‘Safe’ Blue Seats

You’ve probably heard all about the “red wave” that could sweep through the midterm elections. Polls and public sentiment show that Democrats are poised to lose big this year. They had two years controlling the federal government. What do they have to show for 2021 or 2022? Inflation, rising crime, skyrocketing gas prices, a supply chain crisis, and worse. Americans are outraged at Biden and his cronies that support his failed agenda. And they are eager to send a message at the polls.

And that’s even mentioning how state Democrats locked down communities for nearly two years.

Because Democrats only have a slim majority in the House, most believe Republicans will flip it in this election. Pelosi will lose the gavel and Republicans will regain the majority. But many might not realize Republicans have a chance at taking the Senate as well. Numerous seats will be voted on. And it seems the GOP is going after more than just red seats.

Republicans are eyeing Senate races in a handful of blue states they believe have the potential to come into play ahead of the 2022 midterm elections, underscoring the confidence the party is feeling as it seeks to reclaim the upper chamber…

“I think we’re going to have some sleepers, where people are going to say, boy, we didn’t anticipate that one,” Scott told The Hill.

Asked which states he believes could become competitive in the coming months, he pointed to Colorado, Washington, and Vermont.

“You look at Colorado, I think we have an opportunity potentially in Colorado. We have a great candidate in the state of Washington,” he said. [Source: The Hill]

Sen. Rick Scott, chair of the National Republican Senatorial Committee believes Republicans have enough momentum to go after traditionally safe blue seats. These are Senate seats in “sleeper” states that recently have been considered liberal-leaning. But major changes in recent years have made them potentially vulnerable. He specifically listed Colorado, Washington, and Vermont as possible gains for the GOP.

This might not be as far-fetched as you’d expect. These states, while having deeply-blue cities, have rural areas that are typically blue-collar. And many of these Americans feel abandoned by Democrats, as they push socialist policies and go to bed with China. The globalist agenda of Joe Biden and his party have left working Americans in the dust. The right Republican candidate can win over these voters with a pro-working class, American-First platform.

That can even be true in Washington. Yes, Seattle is pretty blue. But the rest of the state has strong conservative roots. And recent elections have shaken even Democrat-loving Seattle. It’s not so impossible to believe Republicans can win over enough voters to flip a Senate seat.

It all comes down to the election. Republicans will have to be very strategic in how they approach these races. Democrats would love nothing more than for the GOP to waste resources in a state they cannot win. It’s smart for them to go after “sleeper” seats, but only if they can wake them up.

Author: Moe Blow