GOP Senator Drops Truth Bomb About Democrats’ Agenda

Alabama Senator Tommy Tuberville (R) has slammed the Democrat stimulus bill, saying it has nothing to do with real coronavirus relief.

“The huge $1.9 trillion bill was not American relief, it was far-left relief,” he said. “Everyone should understand this was not about rescue, it was a heist.”

Tuberville said this week that Democrats refused to discuss the terms of the relief package and passed the bill with no input from the GOP. He said Biden is financing their plan at the expense of America’s debt.

“When we must borrow this much, we’re putting our country more into debt,” explained the Alabama senator. “And with this huge spending bill, we are borrowing the funds of our grandkids and are going to owe more to nations such as China.”

The senator went on to say Democrats’ bill is a “reckless abuse of taxpayer money” with just 9 percent of its almost $2 trillion going to health measures and covid relief while under 1 percent is provided for vaccines.

“The other 90 percent goes to liberal wish list causes and bail outs for poorly led states,” Tuberville continued. “Instead of forcing through non-pandemic spending, Democrats should have discussed things with Republicans to pass a bipartisan agreement that really makes American’s lives better as we get through this pandemic.”

The Alabama lawmaker also said most funds will take years to get to the American public while stressing that $1 trillion from previous bills had still not been distributed. He then warned that the bill will bring more inflation and could undermine the dollar. This could trigger great poverty and lower economic growth for many years to come.

“That means American’s wealth will plummet,” he said. “To further stress that point, that means your money does not go as far as the items you purchase get more expensive.”

Senator Tuberville recommended that Democrats work with the GOP to reopen the economy and provide targeted help to small businesses where needed. He then ended by saying the bill is “a broken promise to Americans.”