GOP Leaders Expose Biden In Multiple Abuse Cases

Governor Greg Abbott spoke to reporters yesterday in a video published online. The Republican leader of Texas hinted at actions he could take in response to the border crisis, and how it is harming children. He also talked about how it is changing Texas specifically and some ideas he has for stopping it.

“The Texas Health and Human Services, and the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services, got tips and information that allege child abuse at the federal government’s facility.” Begins Abbott in his disturbing speech.

“These are the outcome of President Biden’s policies, and the fallout from those terrible policies”… We can’t disagree with Abbott so far, although he has not been great on other things, like free speech and his anti-Gab view. Nevertheless, someone must do something about the border problem, that is affecting entire states and our nation.

Abbott went on to stress that children are being sexually assaulted, there are not enough staff to watch all the children, and some with covid are not being separated from the non-infected ones. He called it a “health nightmare” and demanded the Biden White House “immediately shut down the facility.”

“…While we await Biden’s decision, I am ordering the Texas Department of Public Safety, and the Texas Rangers, to immediately start investigating these allegations. That investigation will be led by Richard Henderson, the Senior Texas Ranger Lieutenant…”

He ended by saying that Biden caused this problem and further slammed the President by demanding that he “must act now.”

Author: Scott Dowdy