GOP Leader Demands Greater Support for Ukraine After Zelenskyy Speech

Americans have watched in frustration as Russia marches all over Ukraine. People around the world have offered words of support, but it seems most nations refuse to get involved. Neighboring states have offered aid; the U.S. hit Russia with sanctions and is sending some support to Ukraine. But it seems that stronger measures need to happen before Putin withdraws his troops.

President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelenskyy, has been calling on the international community for support. He’s spoken to world leaders, including NATO and the UN. But it seems these political hacks, cowards all of them, refuse to confront a bully like Putin. This week, Zelenskyy spoke directly to the U.S. Congress, urging them for support. He called on America to stand up to Putin and fight back. Now, House Republicans’ top leader is calling out Biden.

House Republican leader Kevin McCarthy following Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy’s direct plea Wednesday morning for more U.S. assistance called on the Biden Administration to provide Ukrainians with the “armament they need” to continue to “fight a war that they did not create” against the Russian army…

“It made the case of the murdering of innocent people,” McCarthy said in a post-speech news conference. “War crimes are being committed. America and the world cannot sit by and ignore it. We need to put a stop to this.”

McCarthy also called for “greater pressure” and “greater armament.”

The California Republican questioned why MiG-29 jets were not provided to Ukraine weeks ago as lawmakers had requested. He said the delay has put Ukraine at a “disadvantage.” [Source: Just the News]

Biden nor any other world leader is willing to send troops to fight Russia in Ukraine. They claim they do not want to go to war with Russia. The truth is, none of them want to get their hands dirty starting a larger conflict (despite evidence suggesting it’s going to happen). History repeats itself and we might be seeing the start of something big. The U.S. doesn’t want to fight Russia, yet it’s sending $13 billion in weapons so Ukraine can? How is that not the same, at least in Putin’s eyes?

The truth of the matter is, our “president” (and other world leaders) are simply being cowardly. There is a myriad of steps they can take, aside from open war, to combat Russia’s invasion. Donald Trump would have acted decisively to make Putin pay for what he did, without risking one American soldier’s life. But Biden and his administration, a group of incompetent fools, is only willing to do the bare minimum.

McCarthy can urge the president all he wants, but let’s get real. Biden is in no way interested in listening to a Republican. Unless things change in November, we might not have a government that can properly deal with global threats like Putin.

And don’t think China isn’t watching all of this and laughing.

Author: Bo Dogan