GOP Investigates Biden For Two Major Acts Of Treason — This Could End His Presidency

Early predictions for the 2022 midterms seem to be grim for Dems. A new ABC News survey predicted that the GOP will enjoy triumphant numbers in the upcoming 2022 midterms, awarding the Republicans the highest numbers in 40 years. Should the GOP get the House back in 2022, they will create several “aggressive investigations” into the Biden White House, according to a new report.

“House GOP members have starting planning aggressive probes of the Joe Biden White House if they get back the majority — including investigations into the COVID virus’s origins, a leak of IRS information about billionaires, and the NSA spying on Tucker Carlson,” Axios said.

The report said that House GOP leader Kevin McCarthy could “use of his majority power for the final two years of Joe Biden’s term if, as believed, the Republicans win the upcoming midterms.”

Axios said that McCarthy would direct “preservation notices” to Joe Biden’s team, which will order their departments to keep documents that might be requisitioned by the GOP for future hearings.

There are now many matters that conservatives might start investigations into.

GOP members will reportedly start exploratory research into the source of COVID-19, CDC messaging about school closures and mask mandates, A.G. Merrick Garland asking for the FBI to intimidate parents who are against anti-white brainwashing, record numbers of illegals crossing through the southern border, the chaotic and deadly Afghanistan withdrawal, the accusations that the NSA spied on Fox News host Tucker Carlson, the public leak of confidential IRS tax records of some billionaires, and the canceled $10 billion JEDI cloud deal with the DoD and Microsoft.

“McCarthy wants to beef up his counsel, staff and other resources to get ready to get information starting from Day 1 if the Republican gets the gavel,” the report said.

This comes at a time when Republicans are itching for a win, after the events of 2020 have left many of them feeling completely betrayed by Washington leaders. All the polls that have come out recently seem to indicate that they might have their revenge sooner instead of later.

Author: Scott Dowdy