GOP Governors Solve The Supply Crisis After Biden Fails At Every Opportunity

It’s no secret that the country is suffering from a variety of economic problems. All of them caused by the poor leadership and failed policies of Joe Biden. Perhaps the most damaging crisis is the supply chain crunch, caused largely by Biden’s welfare policies, inflation, and rising fuel costs.

Ships cannot to offload their goods, costing everyone from suppliers to stores. Americans have to deal with rising prices for everything, as store shelves are often empty. This is getting worse as we near the holidays, when millions were hoping to celebrate with family and friends.

Now, a group of Republicans are fighting back.

Fifteen Republican governors pledged to alleviate the supply chain crisis amid counterproductive policies from President Biden…

The governors therefore “commit to using our authority where allowable to modify weight, size, or load restrictions to allow more cargo to move more efficiently; adjust hours of service constraints to provide truck drivers more time and flexibility; deregulate education and occupational licensure barriers to get more commercial truck drivers on the road.” [Source: Daily Wire]

Fifteen Republicans are implementing measures to improve the supply chain crisis. Biden’s best idea was to force some ports to function 24/7. But that does very little, when we don’t have enough truck drivers to actually pick up the goods. Biden’s toxic policies have encouraged many to stay home, as rising costs have put others out of business.

What will these Republicans do? They are planning on cutting through the red tape so that those truck drivers actually working can get more done. They want to get rid of weight and load restrictions so that trucks can move more goods. In addition, they want to expand hours of service to give drivers more flexibility. And, looking into the future, they want to make sure more people are being trained to become drivers.

These are the kinds of solutions that actually deal with the problem. Biden’s solution is to do nothing and pretend like the problem is a good thing. He and his pathetic DOT head can make as many excuses as they want, it’s not changing the crisis. We need to get goods from the ports to stores across America.

That takes strategy, hard work, and creative solutions.

Yet Biden and Buttigieg would rather take a nap.

Private companies have also stood up to deal with the crisis. Some are finding ports closer to various parts of the country, to reduce driving distance. In addition to this, many companies are finding ways to produce their goods in the U.S., instead of shipping them in from overseas.

Other governors have been working hard to provide better port options than the backed-up ones in California.

It appears everyone is pitching in to solve this crisis. Except the Biden administration.

Author: Paul Jackson