GOP Congressman MIA After Going On ‘Rogue Mission’

Republican Congressman Markwayne Mullin (OK) has reportedly went missing after trying a rogue evacuation attempt to rescue five Americans that President Biden left behind inside Afghanistan.

According to a news reports from the Washington Post, United States officials are now “not sure of Mullin’s location” after he sought help from the United States Embassy in the nation of Tajikistan this week with his attempted evacuation of a family with four children. From this report:

“The call to the United States ambassador to the country of Tajikistan came this week. On the line, two United States officials said, was Republican Congressman Markwayne Mullin (Ok.) with an urgent and unusual request: He wanted help in moving a large amount of money into the nation, saying he was going to Afghanistan to evacuate five Americans, including a woman and her four children, stranded there. They planned to pay for a helicopter for this effort.”

“Mullin informed the embassy that he wanted to go from the nation of Georgia, into the capital city of Tajikistan, Dushanbe, within the next hours and wanted the diplomat’s aid, according to two United States officials who knew about the event, who talked with the promise of staying anonymous to disclose the private discussions about the sensitive topic.”

“The Embassy answered no. And embassy workers informed Mullin they would not help him in getting around Tajikistan’s laws about cash limits on his way to going to the most dangerous country on the planet.”

Mullin was anger by the reply, the officials said — threatening United States ambassador Pommersheim and the staff of the embassy staff.

Mullin has since went missing after that intense discussion, which was one week after he went to Greece where he then requested the right to go to Kabul from the Dept. of Defense. Mullin’s request was denied for being “an unapproved evacuation attempt,” as recounted by one Pentagon spokesperson.

“This is a very sad day for our nation,” Mullin said in a comment on Monday night. “Americans are stranded in Afghanistan by the Biden White House and are now left to fend for themselves from terrorists takin over the country. One motto in the military is ‘leave no one behind.’ But today, that is exactly what Joe Biden did.”

Mullin’s office would not reply to the Post’s demand for comment about his whereabouts. Unlike Democrat Congressmen Seth Moulton (MA) and Republican Peter Meijer (MI), who went on their own secret mission to Afghanistan, the 44-year-old Mullin is not a former U.S. military member.

Both Democratic House Speaker Pelosi (CA) and Republican Minority House Leader Kevin McCarthy both have warned lawmakers about going to Afghanistan.

“I don’t believe it is smart for others to do this,” McCarthy stated after the Meijer, Moulton trip. “You are putting yourself and other Americans in danger, if the military has to guard you, which they will.”

Author: Steven Sinclaire