GOP Congressman Goes For Trump’s Base

Tom Williams/CQ Roll Call

A congressman has slammed President Trump’s fundraising efforts as overturning the results of the election, and said he’s heard whispers that Trump’s base is turning against him.

Rep. Adam Kinzinger spoke CNN and said that some Republicans are privately breaking ties to the president. He claimed he gets texts saying he was right, from people whom he though would be angry at his public bashing of the President.

Kinzinger continued to claim the President would have power in the GOP after leaving office, but he wouldn’t have as much influence. He then claimed the President’s efforts to “overturn the results” of the election were damaging democracy and claimed his fundraising was all a scam. Saying hard-working taxpayers were being hurt because they’re convinced the President can win.

He went on to go for the 100 or so members of Congress who are planning a protest vote on January 6th. Saying it was a crazy scheme to get twitter followers and attention. 

But Allies and supporters of Trump know the truth. A huge voter fraud scheme destroyed any chances of an honest 2020 election. And on January 6, there will be a protest vote against the Electoral College Certification Process in Congress.