Globalists Now Giving Away $500 Per Month, But Not To Everyone


The Kellogg Foundation is now financially supporting a global basic income try-out program in the state of New Mexico that would give out $500 monthly checks to 330 illegals.

This program is named the NM. Immigrant Basic Income Project and was led by The NM Economic Relief Working Group. The group is composed of sub-groups like El Centro de Igualdad y Derechos, Somos Un Pueblo Unido, NM CAFé, NM Voices for Children, and Partnership for Community Action.

The New Mexico group has joined with a non-profit, called UpTogether, to hand out the monthly payments to families who are said to qualify for the handout beginning in March.

The coalition has the NM Immigrant GBI Project will be the first program of its kind in America.

These payments will be given out through prepaid cards or direct deposit and there are no conditions for how the money can be used.

As Noah Arnold from VDARE said, “Radical liberal causes are not new for the Kellogg Foundation.” Over the previous few years, the foundation sent money to BLM, Soros’s Open Society Group, and other groups.

Johana Bencomo, a city leader in Las Cruces, has been asking for the city to have a pilot GBI program at the local level that would use the pandemic funding that is coming from the federal level.

“I believe poverty is a government choice,” Bencomo said last June when she began pushing for the GBI during a city council meeting.

One thing that Arnold said is that “Similar universal basic income starter programs were tried in nations like Finland and Canada—they failed completely.”

However, Amber Walling, the executive director of NM Voices for Children, thinks “These programs provide stability for families, which allows them to work on the future and pursue better opportunities.”

Regardless of the viability of the UBI, it is alarming that these officials are putting forward policies that privilege illegals over Americans.

It is up to the populists to show these programs represent the top form of treason and should be categorically rejected. Not standing up to these programs will only embolden the anti-white left, who will continue to push for more entitlement programs to redirect wealth from white people to other groups.


Author: Scott Dowdy