Globalist Militants Pick Their Next Target — And It Might Include You

The American elite class never stops and now they are forming a new group to fight so-called “misinformation.”

The Aspen Institute Commission on Information is being created by billionaire oligarchs like Bill Gates and George Soros to “fight misinformation and disinformation.”

The Aspen Institute also includes Katie Couric, a longtime mainstream media mouthpiece, as its co-chair. Couric recently said during Bill Maher’s show that we should deprogram people within former President Trump’s “cult.”

The commission also has Rashad Robinson, the CEO of Color of Change. Soros funds Color of Change, which has been among the top organization to lead the drive to defund police.

Cybersecurity Director Chris Krebs is another member of the Aspen Institute. Krebs said the election was “the most secure in America’s history,” a comment slammed with criticism from a senior DHS official.

It’s clear that the elite class wants to stop the rise of another Trump. One way they will try to prevent it is policing speech and stopping institutions and people who challenge the regime’s narrative.

To stop total liberal rule, America First must build our own platforms and institutions and support talented people who can challenge the oligarchs’ plans. Otherwise, a complete domination of the liberal regime will occur.

Author: Blake Ambrose