Giuliani Targeted By Democrat Elite

The Dominion company is pushing a defamation lawsuit, seeking damages of up to $1.3 billion, against one of President Donald Trump’s lawyers, Rudy Giuliani. In the lawsuit filed in D.C., the organization is looking for damages from Rudy Giuliani for leading a “viral disinformation strategy.” This is in response to Giuliani claiming that Dominion had a role in voter fraud in favor of President Biden, supporting President Trump’s report of “widespread illegal activity” in the November election. 

The 107 page document states that Giuliani and his associates “disseminated and manufactured the lie,” which “then spread and deceived millions into believing that Dominion had fixed the election and stolen their votes.”

Giuliani issued a response to the legal filing, saying that Dominion is performing “another act of intimidation by the hateful left to destroy free speech, in addition to the ability of attorneys to defend their clients thoroughly,” following up by saying that the lawsuit will let him analyze the company’s “finances, history, and practices completely.”

Dominion is also moving against other pro-Trump attorneys, including Lin Wood and Sidney Powell, who also made statements about election fraud.