Georgia Official Calls For Criminal Investigation Into Trump — You Won’t Believe Why


Brad Raffensperger, the current Georgia Secretary of State, has suggested that officials launch a criminal probe into his controversial phone call with President Trump.

According to a recording promoted by the Washington Post, Trump lambasted Raffensperger in a weekend phone call “to find” enough votes for him to claim the state. The president has supposedly lost Georgia to President-Elect Biden by 11,779 votes.

After the phone call went public, the only Democrat on the Georgia State Board of Elections requested Raffensperger start a criminal investigation into the president. Raffensperger issued his response on ABC, saying “a conflict of interest” would stop him from doing so.

“I believe that since I was the one talking to the president, and because he had a conversation with our chief investigator last week, there is probably a conflict of interest,” Raffensperger told ABC’s “Good Morning America”.

But he went on, “I know the Fulton County D.A. wants to look at it. Maybe that’s where it should go.”


After the election, Trump has criticized GOP Governor of Georgia, Brian Kemp and Raffensperger himself, claiming that both of them allowed fraud to occur. 

And last month, both David Perdue and Kelly Loeffler — both at opposite ends of the political spectrum — demanded Raffensperger resign.

ABC’s host asked Raffensperger: “You’re responsible for the election in your state, did you think it was lawful when the president asked you to find votes?” He responded with “I’m not an attorney. I just know that we will follow the law and process. Truth is what matters and for the last two months we’ve been fighting these rumors.”