George Bush Returns, Issues Outrageous Idea For America’s Border

Former President George W. Bush’s organization says that amnesty for illegals is “essential” to securing the southern border as illegals flood through at increasing rates under President Biden’s administration.

Writing in an op-ed, in the Dallas Morning News, Jenny Villatoro and Natalie Gonnella-Platts of the George W. Bush Center, said that a huge amnesty for most of the 11-to-22 million illegals in the nation is necessary for a larger border security plan.

“Immigration reform is essential to guaranteeing we have a secure border, a policy with the flexibility to handle changes in migration, and the ability to treat every migrant with dignity,” the Bush Center executives said.

The article is a part of a larger amnesty push where Bush has urged Republicans for months to create an amnesty for illegals alongside the Biden administration — including increasing legal immigration beyond already record high rates.

His lobbying is in connection with corporate interests like Americans for Prosperity, the Business Roundtable, and Bloomberg-funded New American Economy.

Bush’s goal is just a revitalization of his very unpopular “Any Willing Worker” program where his administration wanted to bring in millions of illegals willing to steal jobs from Americans while also allowing much more legal immigration.

The amnesty coalition is overwhelmingly opposed by GOP voters, polling has shown.

A Rasmussen Reports poll put out this week shows that 83 percent of possible Republicans support mandatory E-Verify to stop employers nationwide from hiring illegals and 72 percent report that they are against amnesty for illegals.

Author: Blake Ambrose