Fresh From His Cancel Culture Victory, Joe Rogan Slams Justin Trudeau

There was little doubt Joe Rogan was going to survive the left’s latest attempts to “cancel” him. Even if Spotify broke their contract with him, the famed comedian and podcast host would have landed on his feet. But not even Spotify was willing to bow to the woke mob. And Rogan suffered virtually nothing—revealing the growing fragility of cancel culture.

But you’d might expect Rogan to take it a little bit easier. If the woke mob can’t outright kill a person’s livelihood, all the bad blood generated from their slander could force them to live in fear. Perhaps Rogan would stop being so outspoken against the liberal establishment? Perhaps start walking in lockstep with globalists’ narrative. Not really. During his latest podcast, he went straight for Canada’s Justin Trudeau over what he said about unvaccinated people.

“The way Trudeau talks about people who are unvaccinated … he said they were misogynists and racists,” Rogan said to “The Joe Rogan Experience” guest Dave Smith…

“You are deciding — you’re taking people that have a perspective on a medical intervention, and you’re deciding that you’re gonna demonize them in the worst possible ways, with no evidence,” Rogan said.

“And, isn’t it something that so many of these people, like, say, the nurses who are unvaccinated, the truck drivers who don’t like the mandates — that they were the heroes?” Smith noted, to Rogan’s agreement. “These were the ‘essential workers,’ the health care workers. These were the people — in New York City, they were clapping at 6 p.m. everyday for these workers. And those same — there’ll be nurses who worked for a year-and-a-half of the pandemic, and they didn’t wanna get the shot, and now, all of a sudden, ‘You’re outta there! Sorry, hero!’” [Source: Daily Wire]

Rogan wasn’t talking out of his head. Trudeau actually said this about unvaccinated people. He said they “don’t believe in science/progress and are very often misogynistic and racist.” What the hell does that mean? How does not wanting to get a vaccine amount to hating people because of their race… or hating women?

How pathetic is the radical left getting, these days? Are they so out of ideas that they’ll tie anything to racism or sexism? Trudeau did both, way to go!

You don’t need an outspoken podcast host to tell you how stupid Canada’s prime minister is. Trudeau is admitting defeat by resorting to these kinds of sleazy tactics. The left always resorts to baseless insults when they lost an argument. Trudeau can’t justify his COVID mandates, especially in the face of the Freedom Convoy. So, he is trying to turn vaccinated folks against their neighbors, using the cheapest attacks possible.

Rogan isn’t afraid to point out the stupidity. Even after the left hammered him for his COVID “misinformation,” he’s back on the horse, calling out hypocrisy when he sees it. This is a powerful lesson for anyone out there too afraid to speak their mind. The left tried to take down Rogan, who had a lot to lose. But if he stood up to them and won, so can the rest of us.

Author: Sam Gordon